My Prayers Were Answered!

"Our family made a very difficult decision to place our daughter into Lafayette Habilitation Center due to her behavior. She was becoming more hostile, irritable, and destructive as she aged. Additionally, she began to fight often and we could no longer handle her aggressiveness. Due to this behavior we felt she no longer wanted to live at home. Since moving to Lafayette Habilitation Center, our daughter has become calmer, livelier, dependable, and happy. She loves Lafayette Habilitation Center and the entire staff. We also love the entire staff. I prayed that my daughter would be placed in a small, clean facility, where the workers would treat and care for her as their own family. My prayers were answered. I thank God for Lafayette Habilitation Center."
Sarah Harris, mother/guardian

They Are the Best!

"My son has lived at Lafayette Habilitation Center for 25 years. I've never had a problem and never thought of moving him. His caretakers are all long time employees and have been taking care of him for years. I recommend Lafayette Habilitation Center 120%. They are the best."
Clarence O. Linton, Jr, father/guardian

A Very Positive Experience!

"As a parent, it is very difficult to have to relinquish care of your child to someone else. Knowing, however, that your son/daughter is being cared for by nurturing, attentive individuals is what makes the process tolerable. I cannot say enough positive things about the way the facility is run and the staff who attend to the daily needs of those who call Lafayette Habilitation Center home. It has been a very positive experience for our family."
Dorothy G. Finn, mother/guardian

Excellent Care, Activities and Fun!

"My brother has been a resident at Lafayette Habilitation Center since 1994. In that time he has received awesome care. The loss of a parent can be difficult but Lafayette Habilitation Center helped my brother adjust to life again. Lafayette Habilitation Center not only provides excellent care, activities, and fun, they also have staff that demonstrate caring and concern on an on-going basis."
Laural Sosa, sister/guardian

A True Blessing!

"My brother previously resided at a well known habilitation center in North County. My brother suffered through years of neglect and abuse. It was an emotional and stressful time for my family to endure. After years of empty promises, we began to search for a new home for my brother. That is when we found Lafayette Habilitation Center. When my brother first arrived at Lafayette Habilitation Center, our expectations were low. We had lost faith in the system and would have been content with a clean and safe environment. Instead, we quickly learned of the staff's genuine concern and willingness to listen. Not only did they care to his basic needs but worked toward improving his quality of life. The tenure in the residential staff is a huge positive. You get to know the individuals who care for our most vulnerable. My brother has been with Lafayette Habilitation Center for over 5 years. It has been a true blessing in my brother and family's life."
Dan Friehs, brother/guardian

Cared For and Secure!

"My son has lived at Lafayette Habilitation Center for 26 years. After an initial period of adjustment, he felt he was at home. My son is known to all caregivers and I feel he is cared for and secure. I do wish the Department of Mental Health would recognize and reward facilities such as Lafayette Habilitation Center that care for those vulnerable persons not suited for group homes."
Gwen Maisenhelder, mother/guardian

A Wonderful Home!

"Our son has been a resident of Lafayette Habilitation Center since it was built, over 25 years ago. He could not be happier there and we have been extremely happy with his care. The staff, residents, and family are his home and family. They love him and he loves them. In sick times and healthy times they are with him 24-7. The care he has gotten has been so much more than my husband and myself could have given him as he got older and we got older. I thank God every day that we found such a wonderful home for our son."
Mrs. D. M. Bollinger, Jr., mother/guardian

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