Lafayette Habilitation Center

Lafayette Habilitation Center creates a unique balance between creating a caring home environment and providing professional services needed for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our facilities are designed to give residents the best of both worlds each day, every day. All residents are monitored by medical providers or care-givers who encourage and guide residents in activities which promote healthy social and relational interactions.

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Private Rooms

There are semi-private rooms to accommodate 33 residents. Each resident can personalize their living space and have an area to call their own. These rooms can also accommodate most special medical or physical needs residents may have.

Community Areas

Bright, comfortable living room areas are available in each wing of the center so that residents may enjoy watching a movie, talking with friends and family, or playing a game in a home setting.

An activity room provides additional space for playing games, working on light activities or enjoying time with others in a social setting.

Outdoor Space

A large and secure outdoor patio and park area allow residents plenty of room to enjoy outdoor walks around the park or a conversation on the patio.




Therapy Room

A spacious, well-equipped therapy room allows physical, occupational and speech therapists room to work with residents on their individualized care plans. A whirlpool is also located within this area as well as other sensory activities to engage the resident.



Housekeeping and Laundry Services

Daily housekeeping/sanitation services, as well as on-site laundry services, are provided to residents by our Housekeeping and Laundry personnel.

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Personal Needs

Each individual in our care will receive services according to their personal needs and wants.

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Abundant Life

We work with each resident to create a unique living-plan which will meet his or her needs and improve the quality of life for all our residents.

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Focus on Residential Services

FORS is the not-for-profit organization that keeps the Lafayette Habilitation Center in top condition.

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