Personal Needs

Each individual in our care will receive services according to their personal needs and wants.

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In-House Professional Services

To meet the personal needs of each individual, Lafayette Habilitation Center provides in-house professional services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, a therapy room with whirlpool and therapeutic equipment, a psychologist, a dietician and housekeeping and laundry services.


Resident Safety

We take resident safety very seriously. That is why we provide 24-hour nursing and direct care staff who are able to provide safe and secure environments for all our residents.

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24-hour Medical & Direct Care Staff

Our nurses and direct care staff provide 24-hour support to each resident. This includes monitoring the health of each resident, support while attending day programs, doctors' appointments and outings and 24/7 bedside advocacy if hospitalization is required. In addition we provide transportation services and a secured building for resident safety.


Abundant Life

We work with each resident to create a unique living-plan which will meet his or her needs and improve the quality of life for all our residents.

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Activities & Environment

Our campus is designed to encourage secure interaction and socialization between our residents and care-givers. A secure outdoor patio leading to a park-like area encourages outdoor activities and exercise, and an activity room with games, books and equipment gives residents a place to interact and socialize indoors. Living room areas for each residential section help to create a warm environment were residents can relax in our home environment while regular Day Programming provides supervised outings to special events, local activities and seasonal programs, allowing residents experience and interaction in new environments.